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6 Best Places to Visit in North East India

6 Best Places to Visit in North East India

25 Jun 2019 Mahendran Menon Travel Stories, Travel Tips

A journey to Northeast India is breathtaking! The immense snow clad mountain ranges, stunning water lakes, fascinating caves, lovely orchids, and misty trails all look heavenly. Right from fertile plains of state, to the glaciers on the range of mountains peaks of Arunachal, there are large locations that are unknown by travel lovers. 

Here the most striking places within the Seven Sister States of Asian nation.


Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh 

Arunachal Pradesh is the most stunning among the seven sisters. SeLa Pass is the access purpose to Tawang and could be a steep rise that's coated with snow for many of the year. The journey to Tawang is therefore brave and scenic that you simply sound out of the globe. Tawang Buddhist cloister, placed at ten thousand feet is house of peace and love among the snow clad mountains. Enjoy a pleasing read of the vale throughout the day, and at nighttime look out for celestial beauty highlighted by full phase of the moon lit sky.


Dzukou Valley, Nagaland 

Nagaland is recognized as the wild east of India for its natural attractiveness. Situated in the India-Myanmar outskirt, Nagaland is honored with stunning slopes and valleys. Dzukou valley is one endless valley with occasional blossoms. North Nagaland is occupied by ancient clans who welcome interlopers with their bow and bolts. South of Nagaland is quite urbanized which will get you some great photographs with clans in vibrant customary clothing types.


Bamboo Dance, Mizoram 

The bamboo dance which knows as Cheraw dance in Mizoram is a fascinating tradition performed in the course of Mizo fiesta celebration. Four individuals hold long Bamboo fights which are applauded together for beat of the move. Artists decorating customary clothing types in lively hues, venture all through the bamboo as per the beat. The straight forwardness and effortlessness in which the move is done is really stunning and worth watching 

Cherappunji, Meghalaya


Meghalaya incorporates a hilly piece of land and it receives rainfall throughout the year. Cherappunji is that the place that receives most rain and is endued with many waterfalls. If you're a rain lover, you may be blown away by the gray clouds, misty atmosphere and relentless rains. Cherappunji is additionally notable for its living root bridges. It is well-liked for several things however its living root bridges grabs lot of attention. Efforts of human genius and nature’s magic, these bridges that are unfolded across town are designed through the roots of trees. Seeing and Walking on this bridge is price travel for. 


Jampui Hills, Tripura 

Jampui Hills is located approximately 230 kms from Agartala. It will make you feel peaceful by the view of thick forests touching the skyline and the hills which are rich in lush orange orchards.You can infuse yourself in the exceptional existence, warmth and traditions of community of Jampui hills by opting for a home stay.


Loktak Lake, Manipur 

Loktak Lake is known as a floating lake due its huge amount of phumdis (or floating islands) on it. It is the biggest clean water lake in Manipur and also the just habitat for endanger deer species Sangai, the brow antlered deer of Manipur. Sendra Island and Loktak Lake are the riches of an energetic environment. Now days human violation has resulted to reduction of the lake, requiring safety and maintenance. Loktak Lake and Sendra Island present a combination of magnificence unmatched anywhere else in the country.

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